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Las Vegas Mid-Century Architecture Tour

Estimated Tour Duration
90-180 minutes
Flora Dungan Building Las Vegas Tour IMG_9193

About this tour

Las Vegas has a plethora of beautiful mid-century architecture. This tour will take you to some little-known but strikingly beautiful homes and public buildings that have stood the test of time (and at least one that did not!).

All of our audio tours are self-guided, which means you can set the pace yourself. We invite you to pause the tour whenever you want to stop and take a look around at the beauty that surrounds you.

How our tours work:

Our tours are multi-media audio and photographic tours that will take you on a self-driving route. Tours will need Wi-Fi or data as they run online. At this time they are not downloadable for offline use. (We're working on it!)

As an aside, you can purchase or rent portable Wi-Fi Hotspots like the Skyroam device which will allow you to access data for much less than traditional cell phone roaming rates. (We're looking at you, Canada!) Read about that option on this blog, where there's also a promo code for a discount on the device.

Tours run in a specific order, but do allow for you to stop and make deviations along the way. To take the tour, first listen to the tour introduction and then you'll make your way to the first stop. Once there, you'll be able to listen to tour audio on your phone, tablet or car speakers, read the written description, and look at photos. Of course, you'll be parked in front of each destination too, to be able to see it for yourself. Our tours include interior photos, historical photos and documents and many historical facts and fascinating stories. Once you've finished at each stop, you'll have instructions on where to go next.

How to Navigate Your Tour:

Palm Springs Modern Tours offers a few options for navigating from tour stop to tour stop.

  1. Open this complete map of the tour (below) in your Google Maps* app and let it run in the background while you take your tour.
  2. Tap on the address links in each tour stop. Your Google Maps app will open directions to your next destination.
  3. Each tour stop has an embedded map near the bottom of the page you can use as a reference to find your next tour stop.

(*Your tour will remain active in your browser. You can switch back to the browser from Google Maps.)

To begin your tour, head to

and tap 'Start the Tour'