Your Complete Guide to the Las Vegas Sphere

Las vegas the sphereThe end of September 2023 marked the birth of a new architectural and technological wonder of the world – Sphere, a massive structure constructed in Las Vegas filled with an unbelievable amount of high tech. But what purpose does this unique building serve and what makes it cool?

What is the Sphere?

The Sphere is a giant, spherical, arena serving as a venue for music and entertainment events. What makes this structure unique is how its entire exterior is an LED display (essentially a giant orb-television) capable of displaying up to 16K resolution visuals both outside and inside the sphere.

Where is the Sphere?

Sphere is located at Sands Avenue at the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. You can head to Sphere through a variety of affordable ways as long as you don’t mind a bit of trekking. For instance, you can take the Las Vegas Monorail and get off at Harrah’s and walk about a half mile to The Venetian. The Venetian has signs that will direct you towards Sphere. If you’re at the Grazie Premier tier or higher at The Venetian or Pearl tier at The Mirage, you should take advantage of their free parking and just walk to Sphere.

What does the Sphere in Las Vegas do?

Las vegas the sphereFrom the outside, Sphere serves as a larger-than-life landmark within the City of Lights as the entire outer structure is a giant display showing visuals ranging from random backgrounds to advertisements of events to be held within Sphere along with other dazzling panoramic video clips. Inside Sphere is a different story though as it promises to stimulate not just your visual senses but also your senses of hearing, touching, and smelling.

Can you go inside the Sphere in Las Vegas?

You totally can as Sphere’s main attraction takes place inside the arena and requires tickets to watching a special 4D science fiction film called Postcard from Earth that makes full use of Sphere’s technology and environment. Also in Sphere is a humanoid, AI-powered robot named Aura that visitors can interact with.

How big is the Sphere?

Sphere is currently the largest spherical structure in the world standing at over 360 feet tall, 516 feet wide, and boasting 580,000 square feet of LED display. The arena is so large that you can cram in large structures as big as the Big Ben tower or Statue of Liberty!

Does the Sphere in Vegas turn off?

Las vegas the sphereThink of Sphere as one of those digital billboards you see in Times Square. Generally, these displays will remain on with static or animated visuals showing but may turn off during periods of maintenance or other special occasions. Some folks have filmed timelapses of Sphere from day to night and uploaded them to YouTube.

Is the Sphere Experience in Las Vegas worth it?

Because there is currently no structure like Sphere anywhere else in the world due to its sheer size and amount of tech powering this megastructure, the experience is totally worthwhile. Of course, that depends entirely on your expectations when factoring in traveling to the venue and any costs associated with it.

If you plan on going there, I highly recommend trying all facets of the Sphere experience and not just settling for taking a selfie in front of the venue. This means checking out Aura, watching Postcard from Earth or any of the U2 concerts scheduled on January and February 2024 so you can feel the haptic seats powering 10,000 of the 17,600 seats. Postcard from Earth isn’t exactly a universally praised film, but watching it is the only way to experience a truly immersive spatial audio experience consisting of 150,000 speakers complete with climate control and scent generation tied to certain scenes of the film.

What do I need to know before going to the Sphere?

Sphere opened fairly recently on September 29, 2023, so expect long lines as people all over the world visit. However, given that the venue only features Postcard from Earth and U2 concerts throughout 2024, I can imagine the hype dying down a bit by mid-2024 as many travelers will likely go there once. Still, you should wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes, so you won’t feel tired traveling to the arena.

Also keep in mind that Sphere is a cashless venue so bring your debit or credit card or set up Google Pay or Apple Pay as those will be your only payment methods for buying tickets, food, drinks, and souvenirs. If you need to convert cash into debit cards within Sphere, just head to one of the reverse ATMs found near the escalators on the second, fourth, and sixth levels.

How much are the drinks in the Sphere Las Vegas?

Sphere cost a staggering $2.3 billion to develop and with it being in Vegas, you can already imagine how overpriced the drinks are. Bottled water costs $7 while domestic beer costs around $20 a pint and premium liquor will set you back double the amount. Sphere does not allow you to bring your own drinks so if you’re penny pinching, bring an empty plastic bottle and use any of the water fountains to fill it up.

How often does the Sphere in Las Vegas change images?

Las vegas the sphereThere is no fixed duration of every Sphere visual, so the length really depends on the show. For instance, during Halloween week, Sphere transformed into a giant digital jack-o-lantern. Other visuals may appear for lengthier periods promoting special events or celebrating other occasions.

How long is the Sphere experience show?

The experience show length varies depending on the show. Postcard from Earth has a 55-minute runtime while a U2 concert could last around 2 hours.

Sphere is a truly next generation experience that could pave the way for more immersive experiences involving sound and screens. All the venue really needs is more events and films that can harness the technology. Postcard from Earth is expected to run daily in 2024 with U2 concerts scheduled across the first quarter of 2024. Be sure to check the Vivid Seats website for the latest schedules and developments so you can plan your ticket purchases.


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